7 Wedding Signs You Can’t Say ‘I Do’ Without!

If your wedding bells are ringing soon, then you’re in for some fun. Wedding signs might not be at the top of your checklist, but they’re the secret ingredient that can transform even the simplest moments into something magical. In this article we go into a variety of sign designed to elevate moments of your wedding day.

Type of Signs:

  • For Added Fun: Signs that bring a playful vibe to your big day.
  • For Memories: Signs that capture the moments that matter most.
  • For Keepsakes: Signs that create mementos to cherish forever.
  • For Remembrance: Signs that honor loved ones in a meaningful way.
  • For Humor: Signs that share laughs and smiles with every guest.
  • For Elegance: Signs that add a touch of sophistication to your decor.

A Hashtag Wedding Sign

When you are at a wedding, even with a photographer and videographer, you simply can’t be in all places at one time. Creating a hashtag for your wedding day allows you to look back on your wedding day and have dozens, if not hundreds, of images of your wedding day, especially of your guests. You never know—a guest might capture that forever moment, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

How to Use It: Display prominently where guests can see and use your unique hashtag.
Why to Use It: To gather all guest-taken photos in one easily accessible online location.
Category: For Added Fun & for Memories

A QR Code Photo Sign

This sign asks your guests to share the love by uploading images of your wedding directly with you. This way, you get to see your wedding from your guests’ point of view. It’s a great way to get more memories of the day without much more effort. Worth it!

How to Use It: Place near the entrance or in a central location with clear instructions.
Why to Use It: For instant photo sharing and a personal collection of guest-taken images.
Category: For Memories & For Fun

Interactive Guestbook Signs

Your guests come into your event and find a wooden sign with your name on it. Allow your guests to sign this sign, whether it’s leaving you a short message or simply signing their names. You can keep this sign as a keepsake and hang proudly in your home for years of memories.

How to Use It: Set up at the reception entrance for guests to sign as they arrive.
Why to Use It: To create a lasting memento with personal touches from your guests.
Category: For Keepsakes & for Fun

In Loving Memory Wedding Family Memorial Sign

We all have had a special someone in the family that is no longer with us. A beautiful touch on a special day like your wedding is an In loving memory sign. Whether that sign is for one person or multiple loved family members, it’s a beautiful way to say we know you are still with us.

How to Use It: Display in a quiet, reflective area with photos or mementos.
Why to Use It: To honor and include lost loved ones in your celebration.
Category: For Remembrance

Bride and Groom Chair Signs

These charming signs add a personal and whimsical touch to the bride and groom’s seats. They can also say things like “Her Forever” and “His Forever,” or the classic “Mr.” and “Mrs.” It adds an extra matching touch to your bride and groom table setting and makes a great keepsake too that can decorate your home long after the wedding day.

How to Use It: Attach to the bride and groom’s chairs during the reception.
Why to Use It: To add a playful and personalized element to the seating arrangement.
Category: For Elegance & For Humor

Mr and Mrs Table Sign

The “Mr. and Mrs.” table sign is a timeless addition to your wedding decor. It elegantly signifies your newlywed dining spot, serving as a beacon for well-wishers and a symbol of your new journey.

How to Use It: Place at the couple’s table as a focal point.
Why to Use It: To denote the newlyweds’ seating and add a traditional touch.
Category: For Elegance

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