If your looking to add some fun to your baby shower then Giggles in the Grain will surely be a great addition to your special day! Its packed with fun. This charming game is a fresh take on the beloved rice game tradition, and we have put together a classic version of the Giggles in the Grain along with a thrilling three-round challenge. Let’s get to the fun.

Giggles in the Grain - Classic Version

Materials Needed:

2 large bowls

Uncooked rice (any kind)

Small plastic babies or candies

2 blindfolds

A timer or smartphone


Fill one large bowl with rice.

Mix the plastic babies or candies within the rice.

Place an empty plate beside the bowl to collect found items.

Gameplay for Two Players:


The goal is to find as many plastic babies or candies hidden in the rice as possible within the allowed time.


Two players compete against each other.

Players are blindfolded before the start.

Set a timer for a fixed duration (e.g., 1 minute).

When the timer starts, players search for the hidden items using only their sense of touch.

The player who finds the most items before time runs out is declared the winner.

Gameplay for Single Player:


The challenge is to find all the hidden items within the shortest time possible.


One player participates at a time.
The player is blindfolded and the timer is set.
The player begins searching for the hidden items.
Record the time taken to find all items.
Each participant takes a turn, and the one with the fastest time wins.

Giggles in the Grain: The Three-Round Challenge

Elevate the excitement at your next baby shower with a three-round Giggles in the Grain challenge. This game increases the difficulty with each round, testing guest’s tactile skills to the fullest.

Materials Needed:

2 Large bowls

Uncooked rice (any kind)

Round 1: Small plastic babies

Round 2: Small candies

Round 3: Bobby pins

2 Blindfolds

2 Plates (paper or plastic)

A timer or smartphone


Fill each large bowl with rice.

Conceal the items for each round within the rice in separate bowls.

Place an empty plate beside each bowl to collect found items.


The goal is to find the hidden items in the rice as quickly as possible.

The winner is determined by the best performance out of three rounds.

Round 1 – Plastic Babies:
The easiest round, players search for larger, more distinguishable items.
Players are blindfolded and given a set time to find as many plastic babies as they can.
Round 2 – Candies:
The difficulty increases as players search for smaller, irregular-shaped candies.
The same rules apply, but finding the candies may prove trickier.
Round 3 – Bobby Pins:
The final round is the most challenging, with players searching for the smallest and hardest to distinguish items.
This round truly tests the keenness of the players’ sense of touch.


After each round, tally the number of items each player has found.

The player with the most items found across all three rounds is the overall winner.

Giggles in the Grain Game is a delightful addition to any baby shower, offering laughter and excitement with just a few household items. Whether played competitively in pairs or as a solo challenge, it promises to be a memorable part of the celebration.

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